Pattern comes first. Our mokume comes in three patterns: Ocean Waters, Ebb and Flow, and Flame.

Within each of those patterns there are three color options that can be generally categorized by the dominant metal color used for that pattern: White, Rose, and Yellow.

Solstice, the rose color in the Ebb and Flow pattern

Any of the patterns can be accessorized with flush set diamonds or heads for mounting stones.

Norwegian Deep, the white color in the Ocean Waters pattern, no rails, flush set diamonds and center stone

Custom center stone options are also available.

Custom bezel centers in Solstice and Tasman Sea

The Ocean Waters pattern comes with the additional option of adding rails in three colors: White, Rose, and Yellow.

Tasman Sea, the yellow color in Ocean Waters pattern, with white rail option.

There are a variety of widths available in all the patterns and colors, to suit any taste.

 When you combine the pattern, color, rail, stone, and width options the number of choices can seem a bit overwhelming. This is just one of the reasons we sell the mokume rings through qualified retail jewelry stores. They can assist in choosing the perfect ring for you.