Pendants, Earrings, & More

We create more here at our shop than just mokume rings. We love fine gems and pearls, unusual stones like petrified dino bone and meteorite.

We have a few pretty rare things we have collected over the years, like several large chunks of Sleeping Beauty turquoise from before the mine shut down. It’s museum grade, still a fine robin’s egg blue after over 20 years. Every once in a while we cut a piece or two and make something we like.

Sterling and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Sometimes there are pieces of patterned mokume that won’t work for the rings, but are perfect for one-of a kind pieces.

Mokume, Sterling, and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

We like earring as well, incorporating stones you don’t usually see like fluorite, lapis, or square pearls.

Lately we have been working with exotic hardwoods, which add a unique feel to a piece of jewelry.

Camelthorn, Amber, Sterling

Each piece is unique, and handcrafted completely in our studio. You can browse through our current selection at our Etsy store, MetalStoneAndWood. Or follow us on Facebook to see the new pieces as we finish them.