Find the Rings

Rings can be special things. Especially those rings that unite two people.

Mokume is a complex art. It is not the result of mass production.

And mokume is not inexpensive. The purchase of your mokume ring is not something that you can, or should, just click a “buy now” link and be satisfied. There are so many variables, needs, wants, and wishes. A ring that is worn every day is not like other jewelry.

That is why we recommend that you seek a reputable brick-and-mortar jewelry expert to assist with the purchase of your special mokume rings.

We can help you with this.

Send us an email with your contact info, plus the city and state where you would like to find out more about our mokume rings.

We will get right back to you with all of the options in your area.

Or better yet, drop in to your favorite jewelry store and have them contact us on your behalf. We would love to work with more wonderful jewelers.

For all of the other cool jewelry art pieces we craft that are not mokume rings you can click over to our Etsy store, MetalStoneAndWood.