Mokume Gane

Mokume gane (pronounced mo-koo-may gah-nay) has a history going back over 500 years to the Japanese artisans who first developed the technique of bonding precious metals in distinct layers. While the name means “woodgrain metal” and many mokume patterns resemble the natural patterns in wood, it is not limited to that type of pattern.

The techniques to produce this rare and difficult art were kept secret for centuries. Our modern version is built upon the ancient traditions, enhanced with the science and art of metallurgy to create a material composed of precious metals suitable for jewelry worn directly on the skin. Creating mokume is technically challenging and labor intensive. There are very few artists today in the US creating mokume jewelry of any kind, let alone of consistent and enduring quality.

Each piece of mokume is unique. We create patterns that are forged and carved by hand. While our patterns are consistent in shape, character and color, no two individual pieces are exactly the same. They have a distinctive beauty with each pattern’s characteristics, not the monotony of machine-produced products.

Each mokume ring is a piece of living jewelry. It comes to reflect the wearer, as the metals change color subtly, developing a unique patina in response to individual body chemistry. Our mokume is durable and practical for constant, lifelong wear, while retaining this characteristic of individual expression.

The main component in Michael Daniels Collection mokume gane is 18k gold of different colors (yellow, red, white, green). In addition to this gold, we use special alloys we have developed for the distinctive color contrasts in our designs. These proprietary alloys give our mokume jewelry a unique character and make it suited to constant wear.